Just Enjoying the Day and Digging the View

If your dog can relax in the back yard for the afternoon and not find a good reason to dig at least one hole, then congratulations, you are one of the lucky 17% of dog owners who is not spending the weekend repairing your yard. For the rest of you, welcome to my world. The […]

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How To Keep Your Neighbors Dog From Pooping In Your Yard

As a dog owner, you need to be responsible for your pet and all of his or her actions. While most dog owners try to do the right thing, there are some dog owners that simply don’t care enough and allow their dog to do whatever they want. Sometimes you may find yourself in a […]

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Could You Be Putting Your Dog at Risk by Leaving it Outside?

People who keep their dogs outside all the time come up with various reasons to justify doing so. Many don’t wish to housetrain the animal or feel that having it outside will protect their property. However, these reasons do not outweigh the many negative effects of leaving a dog outside. Consequences of life outside can […]

Designer Dogs: Trendy Dogs or High-Priced Mongrels?

Designer dogs are all the rage these days. Given the label by the media, designer dogs are actually crossbreeds, or hybrids, of two purebred dog breeds. Breeders give them cute made-up names and often charge exorbitant prices for them. Many of the designer dogs are pure breeds crossed with poodles to produce a low-allergy breed […]

Lucky Dog: Dogs and Puppies as Holiday Gifts – Bad Idea!

Welcome to another “Lucky Dog” series article. As the holidays approach, puppies and dogs are often sought as a holiday gift. Often it is because the children want one, or because the gift giver wants to surprise the recipient in a big way. As much as I advocate giving a puppy or dog a home, […]

The Most Vital Steps to Successfully Training an Aggressive Dog

By its very nature, a dog is an aggressive animal. Aggression is necessary to not only hunt, but also to protect territory and resources, and mate successfully. Breeding has diminished this behavior immensely over the centuries. However, dogs remain more than able to inflict serious injury on humans, other dogs, and themselves. If you are […]

How To Deal With Your Dog’s Dry Skin In The Winter

Winter tends to dry out skin. Humans and dogs, alike, have an increase of dry skins issues when the winter months arrive. With a few adjustments, however, you can help alleviate the problems. Here are four solid tips for combating the dry skin blues. Making these simple changes can help you and your pet. ‚Ä¢ […]