Why Should I Buy Green Smoke E-Cigarettes?

Green Smoke is a well-known name in the world of US electronic cigarettes, and commercial success has come mixed reviews, but mostly good ones. I decided to give them a shot and try them for myself and you can see what I thought in the Green Smoke review. There are quite a few starter kits […]

How to Care for Weave Hair Extensions

Weave hair extensions are of good quality as they are made from human hair. For the extensions to be attached, the natural hair has to be braided along the scalp by the stylist who then sews it (the extensions) into the hair. It takes proper care to make your hair extensions last longer and look […]

Fashion Tomato

Fashion Tomato is a small boutique with two locations just a few doors down from one another (they each sell different merchandise, so it’s like one big store divided in two) located right off of the CTA “El” stop at Belmont. I’ve passed by the windows of both locations frequently over the years and always […]

Price on Life

Fingernails of pain clawed through my intestines up into my stomach. Doubled over, I could feel the pain gnawing away at my insides, twisting and turning them with every pull. More pain racked my body, and a scream nearly slipped through my lips. These were the bad days. These were the days, where I dreaded […]