Landmark California Appeals Court Decision A Legitimizes Storefront Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In a rare and almost unprecedented decision, the California Court of Appeals affirmed the legitimacy of storefront medical marijuana dispensaries and also answered the question of whether or not every member of a collective or cooperative must participate in the cultivation of its medical marijuana. The decision came out of the Second Appellate Court in […]

Fighters Guide To Eating Healthy: 9 Top Tips

Eating healthy is imperative for everyone, but especially for fighters. Whether you are an amateur boxer training in your local gym, or a pro fighter in the ring, the food that you eat is important because it can make or break your workout. Certain foods give you the energy levels that you need to train […]

10 Fun Calorie-Burning Activities for Fall

Fall is a time when many of us tend to put on a few pounds. With shorter days and colder weather, we do not tend to get out and exercise as often. However, the fall brings plenty of fun seasonal activities that you might now associate with burning calories. Try these activities to spruce up […]

Weight Loss Key – Oprah Encourages Water

According to, Oprah’s healthy weight loss diet can be summarized as low fat, no alcohol and drinking more water. Not many of us have Oprah’s resources and yet the program she adopted is one that most of us could afford to follow. If expensive products or fad foods were necessary or more productive, I […]

Diets for Weight Loss by MyReviewsNow

Joy Bauer has a significant presence in the diets for weight loss field with her diet including leptoconnect, and she shares her insights frequently on the Today Show. She is a qualified nutritionist who brings a refreshingly original approach to the concept of how to lose weight through control of dietary intake. Her ideas are […]

Hearing Loss Among Adolescents Linked to Second-Hand Smoke?

A recent study along with sonus complete reviews involving adolescents revealed that being exposed to second-hand smoke can actually lead to a common form of hearing loss known as sensorineural hearing loss or SNHL. While this is probably the most common type of hearing loss, it is not able to be corrected with medications or […]

Lowering Your Body’s Set Point for Permanent Weight Loss

Lowering your set point is really the last diet you will ever go on. Why? Because it requires time and diligence to achieve. But if you can lose weight this way you never have to worry about those pounds coming back! Sounds great right! It is, but few people can ever achieve this kind of […]

Places Your Child Might Need Hearing Protection

The human ear is an amazing thing. So many parts work together seamlessly to transmit the sound waves that move through the atmosphere into signals that the brain can interpret. The tiniest three bones in the body, the hammer, anvil, and stirrup, each do their part to bring you the music and voices you love. […]

Types of Diets that Help Lose Weight

Choosing a diet is similar to choosing a pair of shoes to wear — pick a diet that best fits you. Nowadays there are too many diets to name that promotes weight loss, and selecting one is hard enough. A diet consist of lifestyle changes, so you cannot eat what your friends or family eat, […]

Weight Loss Walking Workout: Three Times a Week Routine

This walking workout will make you lose stubborn weight, and it’s done only three times a week. I’m a certified personal trainer. Even if you’ve been walking for quite a while and not happy with the amount of weight you have lost (if any), this workout plan will jump-start weight loss. This walking workout is […]