10 Fun Calorie-Burning Activities for Fall

Fall is a time when many of us tend to put on a few pounds. With shorter days and colder weather, we do not tend to get out and exercise as often. However, the fall brings plenty of fun seasonal activities that you might now associate with burning calories. Try these activities to spruce up […]

Weight Loss Key – Oprah Encourages Water

According to Health-emark.com, Oprah’s healthy weight loss diet can be summarized as low fat, no alcohol and drinking more water. Not many of us have Oprah’s resources and yet the program she adopted is one that most of us could afford to follow. If expensive products or fad foods were necessary or more productive, I […]

My Rapid Weight Loss Experience, and Weight Loss Tips

Throughout the last couple of years, I have lost about a hundred pounds and kept them off, which I consider to be very fast weight loss and leptoconnect reviews helped me with that. At about 240 pounds, I knew that I had a problem. And it affected every part of my life in a very […]

Now that You’ve Lost the Weight!

Those who have lost weight, tend to slip right back into the same habits, that caused them to gain weight in the first place. So it is imperative that we try very hard not to fall back into our old habits. It is also necessary, to change a few things in our daily lives, beginning […]

Lose It!: An Effective, Free, Weight Loss App

Sadly, once the Christmas tree had been put away and the New Year’s Eve confetti had been swept up, I could find no excuse not to tackle my most pressing post-holiday need – losing some weight. Most adults put on at least a little weight over the holidays, and crowded fitness center parking lots every […]

When to Throw Away Medicines That Could Harm You and Your Family

Has it been a while since you cleaned out your medicine cabinet? Most experts recommend that your medicine cabinet be cleaned out at least every six months to discard medications that have expired or could be medically unsafe. You may be confused as to when to throw away medicines and which ones should be discarded. […]