Tips In Being A Top Student In Class

Being top in class is very hard thing to achieve especially to students who are a little bit on the slow side of learning lessons. In class on the average, not all students get a high grade for every subject; some excel in subjects like math and science but have a low grade in their […]

Signs Your Child Might Be a Struggling Reader: Advice from a Teacher

Many parents think detecting reading problems in their child is a simple matter. If the child is reading slowly or not enjoying to read, then he is often thought to be having reading problems. However, there are other subtle and not so subtle hints that might lead a parent to suspect that their child is […]

Should Children from Military Families Receive College Tuition Discounts?

With the rising tuition costs in America, many children from middle class and lower class homes may lose out on the opportunity of pursuing dreams and career goals because their families cannot afford the extra expenses of paying for college tuition. Military families are not wealthy families and sometimes saving money is difficult due to […]