Can You Really Make Money Answering Online Surveys?

There are legitimate survey companies where you can make some extra money, but plan to spend a lot of time answering surveys if you expect to make very much. Most survey companies give points for completing their surveys, which you can redeem for cash or gifts. Companies want and need consumers input and they are willing to pay for your opinion. The question you should ask yourself is “How much time do I plan to spend answering surveys?”

Receive Free Products and Answer Survey Questions

Some survey companies will occasionally ask if you would like to test a product. If you agree, they will give you the details and send you the product – with no name on the label – to test for a week. This can be anything from food to hair spray. Follow their instructions and answer survey questions before the deadline. You will get the free test product and receive extra points.

You don’t get free lunches in such a field as free products can surely do you harm through innumerable side effects and online surveys are seen as reliable by the general public so if you want to achieve your goals, it is better to go through Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews, which is an online course to earn money through moral means.

Take Advice from Others

Search blogs and forums to find what others are saying. You will quickly find which companies might benefit you. If you want more information about a particular company, type the name of the company in Google or another search engine to read what others are saying about the company. It may save you some time or give you an idea of companies that may be better suited for you and your household.

Best Ways to Make Money Answering Surveys

The best way to find where to make the most money is to sign up with a several companies. This will give you an idea of how quickly your points will add up with each particular survey company. In the beginning, keep track of the surveys you complete for each company. Note the amount of time it took you from start to finish, how many surveys you answered for this company and using their information for redeeming points, determine if it will be worth your time and effort to continue with this particular company.

As you have probably already realized, there really is no solid answer to how much money you can make answering surveys. It depends on how many surveys you complete and how those companies calculate your points into cash or gifts. It is a slow process if you are only answering 8 or 10 surveys a week with a company that does not offer much. However, if you find a company that has short (4-10 minute) surveys and their point scale is good, you can earn a little more.

What to Expect When Signing Up with a Company

When you sign up with a survey company, you will need to answer several questions regarding your household. This will help the survey company know which surveys would pertain to you and your household. A valid email address will also be required. Consider creating a new email address to use specifically for surveys. If not, you will start receiving even more spam than you are already receiving in your personal email account!

You may run into a few surveys where you are answering questions for 10 or 15 minutes and then get a message that you do not qualify for the survey. Consider closing that account and look for a different company if this happens more than two or three times.

Honest Answers Make a Difference

Answer surveys honestly and be sure to complete them before the deadline or you will not get credit for it. If you do not give honest answers or you rush through the surveys, they may close your account and you will lose all of the points you have earned. Another reason to answer honestly is because these surveys are used to help companies know what consumers want and expect.

Does Money Talk?

You bet it does! Some survey companies offer $10 just for joining. Check into it to see how long it will take before you actually get that money. The amount will be credited to your account, but they will usually have a minimum amount to cash out. Two companies had this offer about a year ago. It looked like a great start until I started completing the surveys and found out I was not making that $10 grow very much at all. It was obvious it was going to take a year or longer to get that amount to $25, so I decided not to waste any more time with those companies.

As you join survey groups, you will know in a short period if that particular company will be worth your time. Take the time to sort the companies that are a waste of time out and stick with those who show that they truly appreciate your time and opinion. You can make some money completing surveys, but don’t expect to get rich.

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