Social Networking – An Insight

Social networking has become a common term in use in the personal and consumer world. If you are Looking to Buy TikTok fans to grow your popularity? You can click on the link given here and boost your social networking. It relates to electronically networking by people or business organizations, with people with relevant interests […]

The Truth About Exciting Valentine’s Day Gifts

Do you know what the problem is with most gifts given on Valentine’s day? The problem is that they are nice. But nice is good, right? Wrong! When it comes to Valentine’s day, your gifts should be exciting. You want her to remember it for years to come. But how can you do that? If […]

Dating Sites like “eHarmony” Vs. Social Networking to Find Someone

I just received some junk email from eHarmony today peddling their services. It made me wonder, in this day and age if people still use services like eHarmony,, Yahoo! Personals,,, or any other service when you can get a truer sense of what people are really like on social networking sites. The […]

10 Fun Calorie-Burning Activities for Fall

Fall is a time when many of us tend to put on a few pounds. With shorter days and colder weather, we do not tend to get out and exercise as often. However, the fall brings plenty of fun seasonal activities that you might now associate with burning calories. Try these activities to spruce up […]

Weight Loss Key – Oprah Encourages Water

According to, Oprah’s healthy weight loss diet can be summarized as low fat, no alcohol and drinking more water. Not many of us have Oprah’s resources and yet the program she adopted is one that most of us could afford to follow. If expensive products or fad foods were necessary or more productive, I […]

Fashion Tomato

Fashion Tomato is a small boutique with two locations just a few doors down from one another (they each sell different merchandise, so it’s like one big store divided in two) located right off of the CTA “El” stop at Belmont. I’ve passed by the windows of both locations frequently over the years and always […]

Diets for Weight Loss by MyReviewsNow

Joy Bauer has a significant presence in the diets for weight loss field with her diet including leptoconnect, and she shares her insights frequently on the Today Show. She is a qualified nutritionist who brings a refreshingly original approach to the concept of how to lose weight through control of dietary intake. Her ideas are […]

What is Jewish Food

I can’t remember what ethnic dishes I ate on my Omelette Pans as a small child in a Jewish family. However, when I was three, my Dad died and left Mom and the kids totally broke and in debt. That’s when my Jewish menu stopped and relief (now called welfare) surplus food became our only […]