At Home Lower Body Workouts

Oh no, you missed leg day! Here is a quick and easy routine that will help you catch up if you missed on your gyms lower body workouts. Do four rounds of these five simple exercises at one minute each and you’ll be back on track.

Toe Taps: Use a step or other small item that you can step on about 6 inches off the ground and place your right toes lightly on it. As fast as possible, alternate which foot is on the ground and which is on the step. Keep arms pumping at your sides and your torso tall.

180 Squat Hops: Begin in a wide squat stance. Jump and spin in mid air so you land in the opposite direction in a squat. If it is diffifult, jump 90° and face to the right or left,. Then jump back. Land softly with your weight on your heels. Stay low for maximum effectiveness.

Mountain Climbers: Start in plank position, keeping shoulder directly over hands. Alternate bringing each knee to your chest. Hips should remain low even if you’re feeling tired.

High Knees: Standing up straight, alternate bringing your knees to your chest as quickly as possible. Hands can be kept by your chest or pumped from side to side.

Wall Sit: Stand with your back to a wall. Slowly move your feet away from the wall so your rear slides down. You should end in a seated position with your knees at a 90° angle. Hold your position. If the seat is too simple, you can move your arms out in front of you or overhead. If that is too simple, you can hold one leg up.

nd effort at the gym, a simple break as these workouts are fine once in a while. In turn, you can promisingly supply your body with a perfect recovery day to kick start the gym the next day. Boosting your performance can also be multiplied through testosterone boosters to improve the results visibly. Testosterone supplements that help men increase t-levels naturally are plenty in the market, which also support holistic body development. 

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