A Simple Guide For Buying A Tablet

The tablet market has seen a huge downfall in the past few two years due to the increasing demand for more and more smartphones in this technology-oriented world. For the technophobes, however, nothing much has changed. There are still plenty of reasons for you to buy a new tablet.

The use of tablets can vary from gaming to video making to movie streaming and much more.

If you are someone who loves to load your social media with photos then you should definitely consider a graphics tablet for photo editing. We can help you choose the best graphics tablet for photo editing by making you aware of the following things that you must consider before buying a tablet.

How to choose the best graphics tablet for photo editing?

Although there’s not much demand for tablets in this smartphone-driven world today, still its market has a large variety of it to cater to different customer needs. Therefore, the moment you step out of your house to buy a new tablet, you’ll come across different brands and companies providing you the product at different prices and in different variants.

But if you are particularly looking for the best graphics tablet for photo editing, below given are a few things that you must consider before buying one.

On what operating system does the tablet run?

When it comes to buying a graphics tablet then the operating system is the most important thing to consider. Most of the functions of your tablet will depend upon the operating system. It can be called the backbone of your tablet.

The different types of operating systems that are available are: –


All the apple devices including the iPhone and iPad run on this Operating System.

  • Pros of iOS

Flexible features.

Split-screen for multitasking

  • Cons of iOS

Limited hardware options


Limited customizability


When it comes to choosing the best graphics tablet for photo editing, we recommend that a tablet that runs on the Android Operating System should be your first choice. This is because not only the Android tablet is easy to use but it is also very affordable and Pocket friendly.

  • Pros of Android

Affordable price

Highly customizable

Easy and simple to use

  • Cons of Android

Becomes hot if used for a long duration of time.

Becomes laggy if too many apps are used at the same time.

Windows operating system

This is a very rare operating system as it is not used in most tablets.

  • Pros of Windows operating system

App library that has almost 3,00,000 apps

Has a separate tablet mode for more convenience.

  • Cons of Windows operating system

Because the windows apps are mostly keyboard and mouse oriented, some     apps become awkward to be used via the touch screen.

What is the place where you wish to use the tablet?

It is surprising to know that, there are different tablets for use at different locations and for different purposes.

  • At home

If you wish to use the tablet at home generally for things like listening to music, browsing the internet, forwarding and checking your emails, and have no other special-purpose for buying the tablet, then you should choose the less expensive tablet that runs on Android to better fit your needs.

  • For office purposes

If you are buying the tablet as the replacement for your laptop, then you should buy the one that has more features like better memory and longer battery life to suit your needs.

  • For gaming

If you are buying the tablet for the purpose of gaming then you should choose the one that has a good processor. Preferably you should buy that tablet that has at least a Quad-Core processor or any other more powerful and better processor.

  • For the kids

If you wish to buy a tablet for your kids for learning purposes then you should consider buying a tablet that has a smaller size and is lighter in weight. Because then only it will be able to fit the small hands of the kids. Consider buying a tablet that has Parental Control options and a child-friendly interface for this purpose.

Other Specs that you must consider before buying the best Graphics tablet for photo editing are memory, storage, and expandability, battery life, camera, and connectivity.

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