A few tips which will help you in building faster in Minecraft

Building different type of buildings in Minecraft is a part of the game. The game provides you different types of blocks, which will allow you to make different builds by using your creative ideas and thoughts. You will find different shapes, sizes, and colors of blocks in the game. However, it has been found that building something in the game takes some of your time, but you can make it easy with the help of tips. These tips will make the work easy for you, and you can build a strong structure with the help of it. These tips are made by experienced players, and they have posted them on the alts.top so that everyone can access these tips.

While making a building, you have to collect every type of block you want in it. This is because when you build the structure, you should not face any issue regarding this, and the material will be available to you. You have to protect your structure by using lights. Lights are the things that can resist your structure from being destroyed by the mobs as they will never walk into a place where there are lights with a level of above 7. Let’s have a look at these tips in brief.

  • Get ready with the blocks 

The blocks which will be used by you for making the structure or building should always be ready with you or been collected by you before starting the construction. This is because if you do not have proper material with you, then your construction will get late, and there are chances of getting your favorite blocks out of stock. So, you need to get prepared for this thing before starting the construction. 

  • Add lights to the nearby areas 

Lights play an essential role in saving your build from the mobs. The mobs are so much influential and dangerous, and they don’t have any concern with your building. They will just destroy it once they find it. Lights are a good conductor for the safety of your building, and you should add them near your place. This is because mobs do not enter a place where they will find a high-level light (above 7). So, you should place that kind of light nearby your building to save it from getting destroyed. 

  • Create blueprints 

Making blueprints before building any structure is the most time-saving thing. It will help you to make the structure faster. If you have a blueprint, then you don’t have to think much about what you have to build. You just have to look at the blueprint and construct it. Some people do not use this thing, and they have to do the things at repetitive times. To avoid this thing, you should start with the blueprint.

  • Test your build in a creative world 

You can test your build in a creative world or in a different world. If you start testing it in the overworld or the world where there is a fear of facing mobs, it will become problematic for you. The mobs will destroy it before getting it completed by you. So, you should create a separate world first and then go for the testing thing in it. After testing it completely, you can place it in the actual game.  


Building anything in Minecraft is a challenging thing as you have to look after so many aspects. But, the most important thing is the time. You have to invest so much of your time in building it. It can become easier for you if you understand the tips mentioned above

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