10 Fun Calorie-Burning Activities for Fall

Fall is a time when many of us tend to put on a few pounds. With shorter days and colder weather, we do not tend to get out and exercise as often. However, the fall brings plenty of fun seasonal activities that you might now associate with burning calories. Try these activities to spruce up your fall agenda and shed some pounds.

Rake Leaves

I find raking leaves a very tiring experience, because it involves hauling large loads of leaves across the yard into one area. You can get a good work out by moving all of the leaves in your yard into a compost pile, or you can do it for one of your neighbors and make a few bucks on the side while getting a good workout.

Carve Pumpkins

Making jack-o-lanterns takes more energy than you might suspect. You must employ both your hands and your mind to plan a design, scoop out the pumpkin innards, and carve a pattern. All of this attention to detail certainly works up my appetite.

Go For a Hike

It would be a shame not to go for at least one hike in the fall and see the changing colors. The fall is a really great time to go for walks or hikes because each time the leaves look slightly different. I find nature trails to be especially pleasing routes. With doing of the activities, the results of consumption of the resurge pills are effective and practical. The performing of the activities will yield the best results to the customers of the weight-loss supplements. The selection of the right route should be done to get the right results.

Play Touch Football

Touch football is a great sport for both men and women, and in fall people are usually in the football spirit. I still have fond memories of playing intramural “flag” football during the fall semester in college.

Play Frisbee Golf

It can be tough to squeeze in regular golf in the shorter days of the fall as people compete for a place on the course. Last time my dad went he had to wait two hours to tee off. However, anyone can throw a frisbee with a little practice, and the frisbee golf courses are usually less crowded. If you have played before, you know that walking the course definitely gives you some exercise.

Go to an Apple Orchard

Grab a friend and go pick some apples. Not only will you get exercise walking around, but the apples will be fresher, and maybe healthier, than what you might get at the store.

Ride Your Bike

If you haven’t been on your bike for a while you might have forgotten how much it can work your leg muscles. When I first rode my bike this summer I remember how my legs felt like rubber afterward. Riding your bike is a great falltime activity where you can see the changing colors and enjoy the crisp air.

Go to the Mall

If you like to shop, fall is a great time to hunt for sales. A couple of hours of walking at the mall can be just as tiring as power walking around your neighborhood. Just don’t be tempted by the fast food kiosks!

Go to an Amusement Park

A lot of amusement parks lower their ticket prices in the fall. After trying to squeeze in as many rides as possible, I am always exhausted at the end of the day.


As winter approaches, many volunteer organizations are in the final rush to get their tasks done while they still can. You can volunteer on weekends to help with construction of houses or to help sort goods for charity. This is an opportunity to learn something, burn a few calories, and to do something good.

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